Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Meeting Thursday Night

Happy to report that BITS is meeting with a well established animal rescue in Nevada County. Hopefully we can work together to get some more vets on board for the gelding clinics and establish our Nevada County foster home and volunteer base. Deb and I are so excited, this is a perfect contact who knows how to work with the local animal control and can help us get in there and make a diffrence. Keep good thoughts and we will let you know how it all goes!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

More Great News on the Homefront!

Tuesday night Deb and I went to CAWS meeting in Nevada City. It was a quite amazing group, mainly dog and cat rescues, but none the less a group of individuals from various organizations getting together to help network and save lives. Deb and I were totally amazed. Can you imagine what kind of change could be made for the horses if horse rescues were interested in working together? There did not seem to be any competition for donors, and everyone was there to offer advice, suggestions and support. Deb and I will be going back in January for sure! Thank you to Scooters PalsSammies Friends and For Pets Sake, we are grateful for the warm welcome to the group.

Wednesday night, we went to Bette's (our cheerleader) for great burgers, wine and the most amazing homemade garlic french fries ever. It is so amazing the support we have received. Many people are astonished to see the truth behind so very many non-profit organizations. BITS promises to conduct our organization with ethics, compassion and the best interest of the horse at ALL times. We are certainly out to make it known that there is an alternative to the conventional horse rescue. Please join us in our efforts.

On another note, we received our first confirmation from a local vet who will be donating two free gelding procedures for the year 2010. BITS has made it our goal to geld 100 horses in the new year! BITS is in favor of, and thankful for the responsible breeding of registered, purebred and wanted horses. We are not however, nieve to the back yard breeding epidemic which is the cause for many of the 100,000 unwanted horses in the USA today. Please help us in passing this great program on to your local vet, we are not confined by city, county or state lines; we have no boundaries. The amount of unwanted horses that can be saved prior to their conception is infinite. Please help us Save Unwanted Horses!