Thursday, March 24, 2011

36 New Geldings !!!

The gelding clinics went great! We somehow picked a small gap in the rain and wind this week and actually had pretty good weather and even some sun.
I'll spare you the close up pictures of the surgeries but we got some great shots if anyone is interested email me.
 The first clinic was held at Epona Farms in Galt. Kelly and I arrived in the dark  to set everything up. There were already 10 horses who had been brought in the day before . We cannot thank Catriona at  Epona Farms enough for her generosity in letting owners bring horses in so they didnt have to take the day off work . The vets and UC Davis students arrived in their bus. Some fugly blog readers may remember my suggestion to get a bus to go around gelding horses, well Dr Eric Davis really has the Gelding Bus!

The students got right to work unloading equiptment and Dr Davis started right in on the surgeries.

They made sure each horse was comfortable and even put pillows under their heads

This is where the bad kids had to go stand . I think the guys were just getting a little uncomfortable with all the women and castrations going on , they seemed to get further and further away

We had a great group of owners and friends of owners at the clinic. Thank you to Michelle and her crew for helping set up and  making sure everyone had coffee and food . Here she is with her boy Charger as he is starting to feel the sedatives.
This pretty pony was quite a character. He looks like he knows whats coming doesn't he?

 Grumpy is trying to get his bearings after waking up , he was so small we all thought the stall was empty when we first walked by.

The students were so nice and so professional , it was a pleasure meeting them and watching them work.

Everyone had a good time even this guy was smiling