Monday, November 29, 2010

Little Celebration

To Steve who keeps emailing about Smutty, I emailed back check your spam folder maybe?
Anyway, the latest on Smutty.
Today, I'm super excited Smutty finally stood still for mounting .
A big Wahoooo!
We stopped at that point , one because he finally got it  and two because it was pitch dark outside.
He is such a good boy I can't imagine what he went through that he is so worried about us people, but he's come so far already that I'm really proud of him.
I wish I would have remembered to bring extra batteries for the camera.
 He looks so good all tacked up.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

How's Judge?

 A few comments on the blog were asking for more information on Judge.  I can give you a little more information about how he is now but  sadly we don't know anything about his past.
The comments suggested he is a Saddlebred or National Show Horse.
Just a little update on how he is coming along.
He now lets me pick up all four feet consistently and holds them up like a good boy , which is great because he is due for a trim.
He has gained quite a bit of weight , you can no longer see those ribs. Yeah!!!
He will let me put a saddle pad on and off without any fuss. Bends his head down to put the halter on and has never been hard to catch , he enjoys the attention and really likes his ears and neck being fussed with.
He stands tied, does fine being led around and is getting really good at whoa and back while on a a lead. He's coming along really nicely , once he puts on a little more weight we can start working more on getting him in better condition and put some muscles on those spider legs


Friday, November 19, 2010

Here comes "The Judge"

This is Judge he is a 3 year old , a soon to be gelded 3 year old.
Judge is super leggy  really big boned and tall already and will probably end up just around 16 hands   . He is halter broke and is easy to work with so far. Right now Judge is just hanging out trying to put on enough weight to be healthy enough for castration. Poor guy was dumped at a feedlot by a "rescue"  that was closing it's doors. He is really underweight but has a good appetite and is starting to gain a little already, he will be looking good in no time.
The Judge

That mane will soon be getting some much needed attention , that is one shaggy mess right now
I guess the more obvious name would have been Mickey 
Look at those long legs!

All legs 

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

11/6 Gelding Clinic More Geldings/ Less Breeding!

The weather on Saturday cooperated and we had a beautiful sunny day for the Operation Gelding Clinic. ( Blogger has not been so cooperative and this post was delayed a little while ). BITS has now gelded 33 horses through our clinics.
 Which means 33 horses will not be breeding and adding to the excess horse problem Considering how many horses these 33 could have helped produce if they were left as stallions, this one day clinic has made a serious dent in the  horse population. We believe these clinics are the most important and long lasting change we can make to help the future of horses.

The vets and students got right to work getting everything ready

Three little minis came in for the clinic from Oakdale Rescue, one was
running a fever and had to skip surgery. No worries, Lori from Oakdale Rescue said he is feeling much better now.

This little mini got gelded

This little mini had a high fever but did get lots of attention and vet care.

This little mini had fun.... until it was his turn

We think he was trying to make a break for it under the door
But look he is still smiling . The picture wasn't edited by the camera crew on CSI, the sun just happened to provide a little privacy to his private area.

Newlyweds Dr Jennifer Mather and her husband Jim get Chance ready
for his gelding surgery.

Chance also had some very swollen eyes which Dr Mather flushed out.

He is a really nice looking guy and makes an even prettier gelding

Tank gets a pep talk from Becca before his turn.
Becca and her friend Kim were great helpers during the clinic

Taking advantage of the sleeping horses wolf teeth were removed. 
Mickey's owner was really glad these pointy teeth were removed


Mocha and Mom Tara
Mocha was born on a feedlot . Cheryl took Mocha and his mom Tara into her rescue the Shiloh Horse Foundation
They are two great looking horses if anyone is looking please contact Cheryl at Shiloh Horse Foundation

Mocha had his human mom Cheryl and horse mom Tara to comfort him.

 All the surgeries went well and everybody was back on their feet and ready to go home in just a few hours.

We are extremely thankful to Cheryl of Shiloh for letting us use her wonderful barn again
 We are all extremely thankful for Dr Jennifer Jeske, Dr Jennifer Mather and husband Jim and all the hard working volunteer students. We could not do these clinics without them. It was a really great watching them work. The vets were fantastic mentors  and the students were so confident, talented and knowledgeable.  Watching them work you realize they are doing exactly what they must have been meant to do and the animals and owners are lucky to have them..