Monday, February 15, 2010

Gelding Clinic a Success!!!!

Our first low cost gelding clinic was a success with 11 horses gelded! As you know BITS has been working on offering a low cost gelding clinic for some time, so when it finally took place on Saturday, February 13th we were overjoyed, if not exhausted. Our goal is to help geld 100 horses in the year 2010 in hopes that our efforts will mean a decrease in the unwanted horse population. We can save an unwanted horse today-prior to its conception-with castration.
Our clinic was supported by Shiloh Foundation, a pregnant mare and foal rescue, Dr. Jennifer Dewey of Bear River Mobile Vet, and a few volunteers who are also students of the UC Davis Veterinarian school. Horses started rolling in at 7:30 am. Coffee, donuts, fruit and yogurt were available since many folks drove 2 hours to get their horses gelded for $50. Thanks to our great volunteer Becky and Jamie's organizational skills, all the horses were numbered, tagged and stalled by 8:00 am and we were ready to begin!

A short meeting with the vets and handlers took place and we were off. We had two teams, A & B, and both were in for a few surprises. As you can see from the pictures, the Shiloh Foundation barn was made specifically for clinics and nursing rescued horses. This barn is completely rubber matted from wall to wall, with large stalls, heaters, fans, skylights, and giant automatic waters. The large isles and gates made it easy to run unhalter broke horses through. Cheryl built this barn knowing that rescuing horses was her passion and she would not have it any other way.
Dr. Dewey set off for our first horse, a three year old named Deja Vu. This horse along with 9 others are rescues. It is comforting to know that this clinic is allowing other rescues the opportunity to help out a horse in need, while saving money which can now be used for other things- like hay and vaccinations.
Once everything was underway we were is a shot from the outside. All these guys are awaiting their turn at a nice nap and some quite time!
And here is Chocolate who was unanimously voted the cutest colt around. Chocolate and his mother were rescued from a feedlot in NV and brought to Shiloh Foundation. His mother, is a 9 year old untouched mare but Chocolate is quite interested in us humans even if mom is not. One great thing about Shilo, they take the time to gentle horses like this mare. I cannot wait to do an update on her in a few months!
All the horses were given a number when they checked in. The number coordinated with the tag the owner was given to retrieve the horse, the stall and also the paperwork which detailed the horse. The system worked well and will be in use at our next clinic as well. It was so nice for the vets and handlers to know who the horse was, age, personality and whether it was halter broke or not just be looking at the sheet taped to the front of their stall.

Here is Herbie, a 2 year old grade pony who was taken in from a rescue in Colorado after they closed their doors. Lucky for him, he already has a new home in Elk Grove!
As you can see, Herbie's poor hooves were very long. Thank god we had some farriers on board to help out, they would not let Herbie leave without a proper trimming. Thank you Jim for donating your time to get Herbie back on the right hoof! It is amazing what can be accomplished with team work and sedation drugs.
One of our older stallions had a distinct heart murmur and everyone was curious to hear it. It was amazing to see the students whip out their note pads and write about the unusual sounds heard from this guy. Jamie was so excited to see our future vets getting a dose of what is come, she was so proud of their dedication and eagerness to learn and help out.
Our next guy, Hoss, was an untouched yearling. He was also rescued by Shilo Foundation with his friend Little Joe who were both found in a feedlot nursing off the same sweet mare. Unfortunately, they have not been at the ranch long enough to be halter broke. So, how to do you sedate and geld an unhalter broke yearling?
You pen them to the wall with a panel and talk sweetly to them as they drift off slowly to sleep. Hoss was really not interested in anything we had to say, but he did eventually cooperate and he is no longer able to reproduce! Little Joe was not interested either, but he succumbed to our sweet voices and was okay with a halter on after some persuasion. Both these cuties will be available for adoption once they are halter broke and have basic ground manners.
Not only did these generous vets pull these..
they pulled Wolf teeth as well..
Thanks again to our volunteers, we had a successful day and all horses are doing well. Our next clinic is tentatively scheduled for April 3rd , so please tell those who might benefit from the low cost and if you are interested in sponsoring a horse contact Jamie by email at
Our hay bank is still in effect and we have been able to help a few families in the last two weeks. We are however running low on feed and funds, so if you have some leftover feed in the barn or a bale or two to donate please contact us. We are always in need of monetary donations as well, which can be made directly to Dave's Hay Barn 42 She- yo Lane, Oroville, CA 95966 530-534-9026
Thanks to Fran and Theresa, Jamie will driving to Grass Valley in the morning to pick up some bags of left over foal feed, which will come in handy!

If your facility is interested in hosting a clinic in your area for gelding or other services please contact

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Low Cost Gelding Clinic Details & More

Today "Jamie spent the afternoon touring the Shilo Foundation facility with Dr. Dewey and Cheryl, founder of this great rescue. Shilo Foundation specializes in the rescue of pregnant mares which makes the low cost gelding clinic near and dear to their heart. This amazing facility is equipted with a 20 stall barn complete with heaters and fans for the comfort of the pregnant mares, an arena with lights, round pen and 9 wonderful pastures. Every horse is given the utmost care and Cherly agrees that all horses must have the basic training they need to help them survive in this rough market. Without proper training we are giving the horses nothing to help prevent them from winding up back in a rescue or worse situation!

After viewing the property and doing final touches on logistics, the $50 Low Cost Gelding Clinic has been officially scheduled. We will have space and time for 10 horses, all horses admitted to the clinic must be visually intact.(Unfortunately, we cannot accept cryptorchids at this clinic.) If you have a horse that needs to be gelded and have been hit by this economy, like many of us, please contact Jamie at 916.849.7953.

All details can be viewed here

Jamie also got in touch with Brittany from Distric 3 High School Rodeo. The CHSRA is selling $10 raffle tickets for the chance to win a 2010 3 horse logan slant trailer! BITS bought one ticket and our fingers are crossed that it will be the winning ticket which would mean a new trailer for the rescue. Please support this great organization which helps keep youth involved in horse related sports, allowing them to compete in an american tradition and all the while keeping horses in homes! For more information you can contact The Thundering 3.

Sunday Jamie will be off to a barn in Elk Grove to check out the layout in hopes that it might serve as our Sacramento based euthanasia clinic. With no where to take horses and little money to afford the expensive rendering many horse owners are left with little options. Together we can make a difference by offering a low cost option for humane euthanasia. Remember for every 2 horses able to pay the $100 euthanasia and rendering fee, we are able to offer the service to 1 horse at no cost.

Please consider making a donation to our organization. We are partnering with local Animal Control to assist  horses in our area from abuse, starvation and neglect while using our man power to offer low cost clinics and help horses and their owners provide nessesary services at a discounted cost. Our Hay Bank is a great way to donate some extra feed to those who might be on some rough times and our Books for little BITS is still accepting horse related books.

Thank you in advance for you consideration. We at BITS pledge to be an ethical, trustworthy and campasionate organization. We will always do what is right for the horses and will use all funds in a proper way. We promise to make you proud of the rescue you support!