Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Low Cost Gelding Clinic Details & More

Today "Jamie spent the afternoon touring the Shilo Foundation facility with Dr. Dewey and Cheryl, founder of this great rescue. Shilo Foundation specializes in the rescue of pregnant mares which makes the low cost gelding clinic near and dear to their heart. This amazing facility is equipted with a 20 stall barn complete with heaters and fans for the comfort of the pregnant mares, an arena with lights, round pen and 9 wonderful pastures. Every horse is given the utmost care and Cherly agrees that all horses must have the basic training they need to help them survive in this rough market. Without proper training we are giving the horses nothing to help prevent them from winding up back in a rescue or worse situation!

After viewing the property and doing final touches on logistics, the $50 Low Cost Gelding Clinic has been officially scheduled. We will have space and time for 10 horses, all horses admitted to the clinic must be visually intact.(Unfortunately, we cannot accept cryptorchids at this clinic.) If you have a horse that needs to be gelded and have been hit by this economy, like many of us, please contact Jamie at 916.849.7953.

All details can be viewed here

Jamie also got in touch with Brittany from Distric 3 High School Rodeo. The CHSRA is selling $10 raffle tickets for the chance to win a 2010 3 horse logan slant trailer! BITS bought one ticket and our fingers are crossed that it will be the winning ticket which would mean a new trailer for the rescue. Please support this great organization which helps keep youth involved in horse related sports, allowing them to compete in an american tradition and all the while keeping horses in homes! For more information you can contact The Thundering 3.

Sunday Jamie will be off to a barn in Elk Grove to check out the layout in hopes that it might serve as our Sacramento based euthanasia clinic. With no where to take horses and little money to afford the expensive rendering many horse owners are left with little options. Together we can make a difference by offering a low cost option for humane euthanasia. Remember for every 2 horses able to pay the $100 euthanasia and rendering fee, we are able to offer the service to 1 horse at no cost.

Please consider making a donation to our organization. We are partnering with local Animal Control to assist  horses in our area from abuse, starvation and neglect while using our man power to offer low cost clinics and help horses and their owners provide nessesary services at a discounted cost. Our Hay Bank is a great way to donate some extra feed to those who might be on some rough times and our Books for little BITS is still accepting horse related books.

Thank you in advance for you consideration. We at BITS pledge to be an ethical, trustworthy and campasionate organization. We will always do what is right for the horses and will use all funds in a proper way. We promise to make you proud of the rescue you support!

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