Friday, August 17, 2012

Pro vs Anti Slaughter is that all horse people can talk about?

Its been a long time since we posted on the blog. Busy busy busy

Pro slaughter vs Anti slaughter . These discussions always end in the same name calling, statistics quoted but no real solution . There are still horses going to slaughter 130,000 from the US in 2011 up from the year before. No matter how you feel about it its a business and it is based on supply and demand. Even with that high of a number being slaughter there are over 200,000 horses that are in
 rescues that are not being absorbed into the population as the animals welfare/rights groups promised. If you save a horse from slaughter it does make a difference to you and that horse but another horse or horses went in its place , the number would depend on how much money went to the kill buyer Supply and demand. There has always been neglect and even if slaughter came back there are still people who will not sell or send their horse to slaughter , some would let them starve first and will never enter the slaughter pipeline .The things most of us agree on are that there are too many horses circling the drain . There are too many horses that do not meet the criteria people are looking for and too many horses for homes. We know where babies come from . The time, energy and money spent on killbuyers, lobbyists, posters , rescues or directly to the head organizations of whichever side you support could have gone to a DVM to geld , a trainer to give them skills to make them valuable or to a horse owner that just needed a couple of bales to keep the horse they wanted. Being proactive to help horses from circling the drain would have prevented a lot of the problems we see now. Can we put aside our political differences and help the horses or is it just a lost cause ?