Saturday, October 17, 2009

We are still here!

Sorry for the delay in posts. The bits team has had two weeks of bad luck! First is the was the craigslist scam that cost us a day in driving, two tanks of gas and two girls in a funky mood. Then it was followed up with a death in the family, a blown transmission and a rain storm. We were felling like "Why us?", when a package came in the mail.

It was the cutest flymask all decked out in American Pride courtesy of The Well Groomed Horse!

This is a serious fly mask and since Lil Bit has gone through 3 in the past 2 months, it is a welcome site. The well enforced back strap is sure to stay closed. Great handmade American craftsmanship!

Even my husband was impressed by how well it was put together and the fabric is soft and sturdy so it will not rub Lil Bit's hair off. If you remember, he has to wear a fly mask at all times due to the improper way his torn eyelid healed prior to his adoption.

When I walked out to place on Lil Bit he was hesitant, he is still working on his confidence. After the mask was placed on him, he was all smiles for the camera.

Even Shorty his pasture mate was jealous. So a huge thank you to The Well Groomed Horse for the great pick me up. She makes an excellent product, if you are interested in purchasing some of her new gear, click here to check out her blog .
They are fat, fuzzy, happy, mini horse approved!

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