Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Week of January 2nd

January 2nd & 3rd

Deb was sick so I spent most of the weekend cleaning stalls and feeding our 3 rescue horses, waiting for the call that she was still alive. If you had the flu that has been going around- you understand my concern.

Finally, on Sunday Deb started to feel better and took the long drive from our Magalia facility down to the Loma Rica headquarters with one of her personal rescue horses, Richie. Richie was listed on Craigslist for $250 and needed a home ASAP or else... Deb took action and posted her plea to get Richie on the Alex Brown Racing forum and was able to raise the money to purchase Richie and pay for a little of his rehab. With a bad shoulder, paper thin soles, navicular and a sad look on his face Richie was a 9 year old Double Dollar QH on his way to a better future. Deb's rehab of Richie took over a year and today he is a happy, healthy and gorgeous horse. He is such a gentleman and I am so happy to have him in Loma Rica for a few days.

Monday January 4th
Today I spent some time laying out the new fencing. What a job!! Words can not describe how excited Deb and I are. Up until now, we have been paying for all of our horse rescue related expenses out of pocket and to get a couple hundred dollars of free fencing material was the break we needed. So, with a can of construction spray paint and 16ft tape measure, I took to the pastures to create 3 areas for our horses in addition to the 6 stall QT area. We cannot wait to post pictures!
Tuesday January 5th
Today was bittersweet. Today Richie went to his new home. After a year of TLC and lots of care Deb was able to let Richie go. We were very particular about who adopted this horse. One, he is a perfect gentleman! Two, he is ranch ready, can do trails like a pro and can haul the kids around without any problems. Due to his navicular, we really wanted to find him a home where he would be able to roam in a large area and be used lightly. Thank god for good friends, we found it. I drove up with Richie this morning to his new home on 25 acres where his family of 7 will ride occasionally, but love him daily.

His new mom, Joe and a few of the four legged residences accompanied Richie down the drive to his new pasture. All 15 acres of it! After being turned out he set his head down and started in on the great feed the pasture has to offer. With one last look and a " see ya gal" to me, he was a home. I could not wait to give Deb and call and let her know that this was the match made in heaven we had been praying for.

After all the adoption paperwork was completed me and my rig were off to the next stop. I got a picture of Richie at the time he picked up his head and realized that this playground was his very own.

Happy trails Richie, you deserve this!


  1. Letting a horse go can be tough, but when they are going to a great home- not so much! Just remember the excitement you felt when you got them. That's what their new owners are feeling. And figure you just made a new friend out of the deal. With a horse at the center of it all. What's not to love?

    Deb I hope you're feeling better soon. There's no time for sickness in rescue... Didn't your flu bug get the memo?

  2. Horse in this picture while grazing looking very beautiful .i want to buy a horse with English saddles.