Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Busy Busy Busy

Today was spent talking with Animal Control about how to better assist them. With today’s economy not only is Animal Control working with a slimmer version of its once bigger self, they are dealing with a rise in calls and cases of animal abuse and neglect. BITS wants to make sure we understand their position and also help educate them on equine care such as proper hoof care and body scoring. Many Animal Control officers are unfamiliar with equine and the care they require, just as I would not know the first thing about rabbits and the care they need. Most of their training is with dogs and cats, and while it may be frustating to us who know the differnce between proper horse care and nelgect, it can be hard for someone who is not familiar with equine to tell the diffrence between a fat horse and one that is bloated with worms. Rather then be upset and complain about the slow movement on many neglect cases, BITS has chosen to reach out and assist Animal Control anyway we can. Many of us want results when it comes to those poor horses in need, so we are stepping up our efforts to make sure we available should our assisance be needed.
Since Jamie was in town, she went ahead and posted flyers for our April 3rd gelding clinic. It is so important that we are out there advocating responsible breeding especially in today’s dismal horse market. We must make an effort to curb the number of horses born and bred. While we at BITS applaud those who are responsible with breeding, it is those who are unphased by the unethical breeding of horses with poor confirmation and health issues (papered or not) that are putting so many horses in danger. It is no secret that there are more horses in the United States than there are homes, so please help us spread the word, GELD YOUR STALLIONS TODAY and save an unwanted horse prior to its conception. We are currently working with other rescue groups around the USA to collaborate in a National Gelding Day! In the mean time, feel free to post the attached flyer regarding our local $50 Low Cost Gelding Clinic, click here to print.

Jamie is trying her hardest to update our website. The site was constructed and send out to the world wide web in less than three days and now that the 501 (c)(3) paperwork is lessening and the medical contacts have been made she has a little time to really make it shine. Please keep checking back to see the great changes to come. Also we are on FACEBOOK!!! Please help up reach our goal of 300 fans by the April 3rd gelding clinic!

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