Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Rain in August?

This August was definitely full of surprises and extremes. The hot summer weather suddenly turned  cold and rainy.
Just when the last available horse was adopted  , we suddenly had several horses that we were asked to help out with and while we were trying to figure out which one of those to take in first, because they were not urgent situations, suddenly we had  horses that were in urgent need.
Never say to yourself or anyone else "Wow, I'm actually out of project  horses." It is an invitation for it to start raining horses.
It had been pretty quiet for a while when  suddenly we  had to plan a euthanasia clinic as quickly as possible. The clinic was the last day of August. While we were glad we could help the horses and owners  it's not a happy event by any means.  Now we need to get back to planning the clinics for Sept and October and get back to trying to sort out which horses to help first. Again -I say first because they are not urgent situations and again any urgent situations will take top priority

Ill post another blog with the information and pictures I have if anyone would like to foster  or in some of these cases adopt directly from the rescues that are asking us to help.

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