Monday, October 18, 2010

Best donkey in the world!

Saturday BITS was invited to attend the Ride and Dine event  at Camelot Equestrian Park in Butte Valley It was perfect weather and it was wonderful to see so many horses and riders having a great time. We had an amazing bake sale table to raise funds for the Hay Bank thanks to Betty and Rich's Cafe (best coffee cake EV ER) . We also had a petting zoo for kids of all ages thanks to Suzanne. These guys worked so incredibly hard to get everything set up.
It was a little slow fundraising because everyone was too busy enjoying the great trails but we did manage to make enough for a few bales.
So whats with the title of this blog?
Well, at the end of the event they always do a game called donkey plop bingo. There is a cute donkey in a pen a wherever he plops is the winning square. Well everything was over and everyone was waiting and cheering Brody to make a plop. There was a little bribery from some people to keep him on their square and even a little begging. Some folks threw carrots all around the pen to try to stop the cheating.
Stage freight hit and poor Brody just couldn't do his doody.  A couple of other donkeys were added in and a little scuffle broke out and poor lil Brody suffered some unwanted advances from another male donkey.
I had to comfort lil Brody after that experience and he must have appreciated it because he walked right over and plopped in what turned out to be my spot.
I screamed and got a little choked up ! $1000 for BITS !!!!!  It was fantastic! With winter coming and emails about horses needing help $1000 is so appreciated.
So that's why Brody is the best  donkey in the world , to me anyway.
Here he is Brody , my hero!
Big thanks to Betty , Suzanne , Rich's Cafe, Camelot , the bake sale patrons and of course Brody !

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  1. Brody is ADORABLE! I guess sweet talking a donkey can go a long way. Glad to hear Brody was able to help out the BITS team. Wonderful news!