Friday, November 19, 2010

Here comes "The Judge"

This is Judge he is a 3 year old , a soon to be gelded 3 year old.
Judge is super leggy  really big boned and tall already and will probably end up just around 16 hands   . He is halter broke and is easy to work with so far. Right now Judge is just hanging out trying to put on enough weight to be healthy enough for castration. Poor guy was dumped at a feedlot by a "rescue"  that was closing it's doors. He is really underweight but has a good appetite and is starting to gain a little already, he will be looking good in no time.
The Judge

That mane will soon be getting some much needed attention , that is one shaggy mess right now
I guess the more obvious name would have been Mickey 
Look at those long legs!

All legs 


  1. Wow he is adorable!!!!

  2. He is and I apologize for the trotting picture, he is long but that picture makes him look like a limo lol

  3. beautiful boy-what a shame- try soybean meal-adds weight and heat without colic-did it for my rescue asb and he is looking great.

  4. He's either a Saddlebred or National Show Horse. Have interest in him from ASB and NSH Pinto people but need a little more info. Any info greatly appreciated.

  5. He looks very much Chubasco bred (pinto Saddlebred stallion). I've owned several by him and they were identical in stature and bone.