Sunday, November 28, 2010

How's Judge?

 A few comments on the blog were asking for more information on Judge.  I can give you a little more information about how he is now but  sadly we don't know anything about his past.
The comments suggested he is a Saddlebred or National Show Horse.
Just a little update on how he is coming along.
He now lets me pick up all four feet consistently and holds them up like a good boy , which is great because he is due for a trim.
He has gained quite a bit of weight , you can no longer see those ribs. Yeah!!!
He will let me put a saddle pad on and off without any fuss. Bends his head down to put the halter on and has never been hard to catch , he enjoys the attention and really likes his ears and neck being fussed with.
He stands tied, does fine being led around and is getting really good at whoa and back while on a a lead. He's coming along really nicely , once he puts on a little more weight we can start working more on getting him in better condition and put some muscles on those spider legs



  1. Good to see some progress for a horse who deserves it. Way to go guys!