Monday, November 29, 2010

Little Celebration

To Steve who keeps emailing about Smutty, I emailed back check your spam folder maybe?
Anyway, the latest on Smutty.
Today, I'm super excited Smutty finally stood still for mounting .
A big Wahoooo!
We stopped at that point , one because he finally got it  and two because it was pitch dark outside.
He is such a good boy I can't imagine what he went through that he is so worried about us people, but he's come so far already that I'm really proud of him.
I wish I would have remembered to bring extra batteries for the camera.
 He looks so good all tacked up.


  1. Poor Smutty animal abusers suck

  2. Glad to hear Smutty is making progress. Once he realizes that not Everyone is bad, it may move along a bit more quickly. It will get there, just let it happen.