Wednesday, September 8, 2010

This is the hardest part !

Most of the emails we get are asking for information on when the next clinic is, but lately we have had quite a few emails and calls about horses and owners that need help.
 When we first started we had been concentrating on getting  the clinics going and have not had the time to do fundraising. Something I dread doing but seems to be needed if we want to reach more horses.
 We will continue to have proactive programs like the clinics  , but we still want to be able to help horses that are already in trouble or will be shortly.
 I pay for BITS horse's care out of my own pocket and the adoption fees go to help pay for help for other horses we take in or are not ours but need help. So far we have not had to ask for any help caring for our own horses.
 The clinics pay for themselves and only require our time and gas money as a donation.
 After last month we have $304 left from adoption fees and your donations to help any horses that need it. Remember we are only a few months old now.
Eventually we would like to see BITS be able to be much more self sufficent with plans to add a lot more programs , but it may be a few years for us to grow and we do have to prove that we are public supported to stay non profit.
Here is the part I hate to have to do but
 We would really appreciate your help so we can help the people who have contacted us.
Here are the situations and if you want to help only a particular one you can state that. We consider everyone part of the BITS team and your support is what keeps us going so your input is appreciated . .If anyone is interested in fostering or adopting please send us an email.  I should add that foster care can't be reiumbursed but it is deductible.
Here are the horses and owner's situations. We may not be able to help them all and people may feel like some of these horses should be left alone or the owner's should give them up. The problem is there really is not a lot of options for horses with issues or medical problems and the owner's are  good horsepeople that are just trying to do what they feel is best first. It's not easy for most people to ask for money from strangers and the owner's have offered to help donate their time and services  in return I said I would ask for help for the horses so I am. .
The first two are not owned but need a new owner

There is a 3 year old bay filly who was adopted by a rescue , but the new owner backed out so she is at a feedlot. Regardless of how you feel about slaughter it's just not a good place for a horse so young . She has 90 days training and is sound.and I'm told very sweeet.  She is already paid for so we only need gas money, our time is free or course. PS she is gorgeous and a registered Arabian

Late 20's bay QH gelding. The young lady emailed asking if we could help . She was a camp counselor and brought the horse home with her but is heading to college and can't take him. The horse has been a summer camp horse for years and packed elk in the winter. The original owner no longer wanted him this winter because he didn't think he could pack elk anymore.

Two ends of the spectrum a young horse that didn't get much of a chance and an older horse who probably deserved to be Sainted for being a rental his whole life

The next group are owned already and can stay in their homes if the owner's can just get through a temporary rough patch with a little help.

A pony that was adopted out by a rescue at the end of winter and the owner realized when the de worming didn't help the coat shed that the pony is probably suffering from Cushings   . She did not plan on having a pony with so many medical problems so quickly and could use a hand getting him treatment and medication. She does not need to rehome him and he is a perfect pony for her daughter but just needs a little help. Returning it to a rescue that didn't catch it in the first place is probably not a great idea either.

A mare that was hurt badly because she was flipped on concrete by a new buyer trying to force a horse into a two horse trailer. The horse got left behind at a property by the buyer and seller . The new owner is paying for chiropractic care and vet treatments but the horse also needs dental care badly and they are asking for help.

Three older horses that need soaked pellets to eat. The owner doesn't feel they need to be put down  but is having trouble with the extra expenses right now.

Also Shiloh Horse Foundation has hit a rough patch as well and have a few horses that need training and adoption. If you are looking for a project please check them out.

So there we have the list
I know some people will say they should just get rid of the horses  but
 Rescues are crowded and can't take them in.
Adopting out horses with issues is hard
BITS is too new to take them all in.
I could ask my day -job boss for a raise but that seems unlikely.
So are options are to walk away or we, all 300 or so of us on FB,  can all pitch in a few dollars  to help the owner's keep their horses and help the first two get a second chance with a new owner.
As horsemen we need to keep our  community strong , and we should help each other and be grateful we are not the people asking for help this time, but  that if we ever were in the same position that someone would be there to help us.

BITS is seeing a real  need to have a fund set up specifically to help horses that need it like Holly or Thirsty and others we helped in the past. We can do more with your help and remember you have every option to designate what your donation is for and we will always try to post the situation so if you disagree with helping we will respect that and not apply your donation towards it.
Thank you for your past and future kindnesses for the horses.



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  1. I am glad to see that sometimes owners can put their own needs on hold and ask for help. It is not an easy thing to do, but they may be surprised how willing and eager others are to help. Like you said, we never know when it may come around that we are the ones in need of help.

    Maybe through their rough patches, the owners will make a few new friends out of all of this. Never hurts and we all want what is best for the horses. I will see what I can do to help.