Thursday, September 16, 2010

But he isn't skinny?

Ok guys, lots of emails asking about Smutty's story and more pictures so here goes. No, he is not skinny or sickly but he still needed help. He was left behind at a boarding stable and nobody else wanted this big of a project so, here he is getting  a restart at life   Smutty is a result of too much RFDTV DIY NH and probably some real rough handling too. Wiggle the rope, he backs up.  A neat trick but someone over did it because  he also backs up when you try to pet him, pick his hooves, or try to mount. If backup racing ever takes off Smutty will be the Triple Crown Winner. So even though he is a pretty and healthy horse, he is still a horse that needs rehab to find a new home Sometimes just fixing the bodies is easier than fixing the minds . But he has a great attitude and tries so hard.
He is getting better every day , he just needs to unlearn a few things and get a lot more forward and confident.
He is about 9 years old and a smidge over15.3 He is very very quiet , easy to handle, calm and very gentle  just scared but he is starting to relax a lot more already so we are off to a good start. He does have some old scars on his neck and shoulder areas and is in really bad need of some farrier care , his hooves are a wreck right now, so the first thing we are working on is getting him to pick up his feet - without racing backwards.He is wearing a bridle in the pics but it was because the only halter that actually fits him was missing when I took the pictures . He is a big boned guy and 'average" horse size didn't fit. Quest was too tiny for average halters and Smutty was too big - Tractor Supply is starting to really love me, but these are both such nice horses that are well worth the trip .


  1. Good looking fella. That backing up stuff is frustrating. Almost as frustrating as horse people have let walk all over them resulting in the new owner having to move mountains to get them to back up at all! Ah the stupid, silly things we do to horses and leave for someone else to fix!

  2. Sometimes the best thing in the world is a heart to heart talk to the horse. A good time for this is while you as fussing with them and doting on them. Scratch the itchy spots, rub theim all over, or at least what they are comfortable with allowing and talk to them in a calm and relaxing tone. It's all about them right now...

    Don't expect much of a reply from them, but just talk to them and tell them how wonderful and lucky they are. Let them know you understand how their life has not been so glorious and wonderful, but since they have come to you- this is all about to change for the better. Telling them that "It's not like that here" seems to make a huge impact and difference in their attitude and reactions. It has worked on a few horses I have dealt with. When fear is their biggest concern- take all the fear out of the equation.

    Another thing that has also worked for me is to make a deal with the horse. As long as they don't give up on me- I won't give up on them. Promise them that and you would be surprised where it goes from there.

    It's crazy how this works, but it has for me on quite a few occassions.