Sunday, June 5, 2011

The foals meet Mr Halter.

There is nothing cute about a foal you cannot handle, give medicine or hoofcare to . In fact it's just dangerous . So today the foals had their first lessons about the halter and leadrope. I have to wait until they are in the stall and shut them in , eventually I'm hoping they are more approachable in the pasture but the mom's are nervous and they follow mom.  The filly did great without any issues at all. The colt had a little tantrum about being touched and mom pacing outside and whinnying didn't help. Once she had some hay she settled down. After that he did great! He even got led around outside of the stall and eventually he even let me lead him away from mom  without pitching a fit. I feel much better knowing that if they need medical help at least I can lead and hold them without any "high ho silvers". They even learned it's ok for me to hold their feet up, this will come in handy real soon because their hooves need a trim badly.
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