Sunday, June 5, 2011

Hello Peyton !

Peyton is a  Quarter Horse/ Arabian/ Thoroughbred/ Mustang mix . They said his story is that he was a bottle fed orphan who has figured out how to buffalo people and can be pushy .
He is apparently not over the traumatic childhood?
 Well, Payton you are now three years old and the label orphan just doesn't cut it anymore , just like everyone else you are going to have to get over it.  You are no longer a rescue horse so that isn't your ace in the hole either.

They said he knows the 7 Games (TM ) but I have a couple more for him.
1. Red light Green light=. I stop , you stop , I go , you go.  No tailgaiting or bumper cars and I will not play Tug O War and drag you by the face  , you have 4 legs you can keep up with me

2. Follow the leader , my way= You can't walk directly behind me , I can't see what you're doing and don't want to get run over when you jump at the boogey man behind you.

3.Mother May I = You walk , trot , canter and whoa when I say and you don't get to change until I say.

4 Freeze Tag= Whoa , means whoa it does not mean slowly creep up or eat or any other fidgety things
Really simple games and we both win . I don't get hurt and end up in the hospital unable to do the chores or pay for your feed and care.  You will be treated kindly but like the horse you are.
Sounds fair right ?
Game on !

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