Wednesday, June 1, 2011

What happens to those cute foals all over the country?

These horses are a prime example of why we want to bring awareness to over breeding and offer the low cost gelding clinics.

The mothers and foals were 2 out of 4 that were on the way to slaughter. A feedlot is no place for a foal, ever, so we offered to rehab them until homes could be found. Shipwrecked Farms will be taking one of the pairs .

I don't know who bred these horses but their hooves don't look like they have ever been touched. Their tails are a solid mass of matted hair which gives them a good thump just from trying to swat a fly. The feedlot said the larger mare leads but she will not let anyone touch her yet. She has a large scar that appears to have been left on its own to heal. The younger mother is only a 3 year old filly herself, meaning she  was bred at 2 years old. Her filly was a week old when it was sold for slaughter. A feedlot is a rough place for a big horse and this filly shows she has been pretty beat up. She has missing patches of hair and scrapes all over her face , body and all four legs are bald from the hoof to the pastern. Her mother was so stressed at the feedlot that she was refusing to nurse her. The cruelty to an innocent animal and her newborn is beyond fathom.
The old owner managed to make sure they had a brand on their hips though. Whoever it was should be ashamed to be connected to the neglect these animals are showing.  People can claim their rights to own horses and consider them livestock but a real breeder or rancher would have tried to put some effort into caring for them to keep his stock alive and healthy. Even cattle raised for slaughter get more care than this.
I am disgusted by this breeder and all the others like this.  All I can do is try to make the rest of their futures a little brighter by getting them healthy again and putting some effort into their handling.
It won't make up for what they went through but hopefully it will keep them from going through it again.
If anyone can donate to help it would be greatly appreciated and used on the horses. If you can't donate please share our website or facebook to get the word out about overbreeding and the importance of gelding clinics for those who need an incentive or help getting it done. We do not need more foals ending up neglected or heading to slaughter.
Together we can all help
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Thank you
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