Sunday, September 6, 2009

More on Lil Bit's Makeover

So sorry for the long delay in posts. It has been a busy few weeks here at Back in the Saddle Project. We getting great response on our project ideas and are heading down to meet with a few other non-profits in the area to see if we might be able to do some good together! We are gearing up to kick off our first month of clinics, events and fundraisers in October, so keep a watch on the "Coming in October" section at

So Lil Bit is still undergoing his transformation, below are pictures from his dental and nasal flush from the other day...
It all started out with a walk with his girl. Miss Ruby Jean is Lil Bits favorite person, I think it is because they are about the same size.

Once the vet arrived she did a full exam on him. I was worried about his eyes, they have a lot of discharge. As you can see his left eye lid was torn and as far as we can tell, not stitched back properly allowing debris to come. He wears a fly mask to help keep debris out.

Once the exam was over it was time to get the little guys teeth taken care of. Anyone tried to do a dental on a mini lately? The flush begins..

He was such a good boy. I wish you could see how scared this little guy is- it was amazing at how well he trusted us during this procedure.

Now time to get the dental contraption on the sleepy minis head..

I had to tell him how much we loved him, and assure him that we were here for him

He was relaxed and the dental began

Then his girl came around the corner, and said "What you doing to my mini horse?"

Then it was time for the nasal flush.

His was totally blocked on his right side and surprisingly enough the left side, with the half lid, was totally fine. Lots of gross stuff came out, and hopefully it will help with the discharge
As you can tell, we love this little guy. He is getting better and better everyday. His wormy itch is gone and his coat is finally showing signs of being healthy. Tomorrow I will post his haircut- we took out the clippers while he was still sleepy, and went for it. Check back and see how CUTE he is now.


  1. Glad to see things are coming along! Let me know if there is ever anything I can do to help.

  2. Thank you Linda we appreciate you so much.

  3. Dare I say it?


    First commenter on this thread and First commenter for you guys!

    Hopefully you will be seeing an avalanche of traffic soon. Good traffic, from like minded folks who are ready for a change. A good change!

    Improvement on the way things are handled is always acceptable. I would much rather see that, than letting them keep spiralling out of control or sliding downhill.