Sunday, September 20, 2009

Repo and the EYE

So Deb has been up every 3 hours, walking to the barn in the dark to deliver Repo his eye meds. I know we have promised pictures for awhile, so finally they are here. Here is Deb as the sun rises giving Repo his dose of 4 liquid eye meds and Banamine.
Way way too scary of a picture.

Of course he had to tear out a part of the catheter and needed a visit from the vet to fix the missing pieces and adjust the eye piece. Repo is such a good patient, he is getting a little fussy after the week of medication; however, he remains he great self, calm and ready for anything. 
We wish we had pictures from when the eye first became infected, but here is what it looks like today, about 50% healed and 100% bettter! Keep Deb in your prayers, she has taken on this huge task of medicating Repo every 4 hours and even every 2 hours yesterday to make up for the tear in his line.

Poor guy, he really wants to make his way to the pasture on run with his buddies. I doubt we will be able to coax him into a stall again anytime soon.
It's looking better everyday, and tomorrow morning he is going back to UC Davis for his follow up exam; hopefully everything checks out okay.

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