Thursday, September 24, 2009

Update from the Homefront

On Monday, Deb took Repo back down to UCDavis Vet Hospital to do a re-check on his eye.

Apparently Deb and I are really good at rehab since the whole staff was amazed at his recovery. The ophthalmologist said most times owners take horses home who need meds every 2-4 hours round the clock they come back and look worse.

Deb's dedication to Repo paid off. Poor thing she slept on the couch and put most of her own life on hold to make sure Repo made a full recovery. Neither of us could stomach the fact that such a young and promising horse could loose his sight.

Here is how it looks two weeks later...

So now that the Repo eye drama has subsided, we are back to setting up the Low Cost Euthanasia Clinics.
3 more vets have signed up to donate their time along with another livestock removal company. We are on our way to being able to provide low cost clinics in various locations throughout Northern California. We are confident that by taking this service to areas where there is a large cost to euthanize we will be able to reach those who really need this service. Please help us spread the word that help is available!

1 comment:

  1. Wishing Repo gets well soon! I have a TB who lost one of his eyes at the age of 2, came off the track after 2 starts and has been the consumate jumper ever since. He's one of the most auto & balanced horses I've ever ridden! Get well soon Repo!!

    Your clinics sound as though they are going to do just fine. I hope you reach many in your area and people take advantage of the opportunity that you're offerring! Bless all your volunteers also!